For Doctors

Dear Doctors,

The Voluntary Libyan Doctor Program (VLDP) was started on the 4th of October 2011 and is aiming to provide a free of charge, high quality, sub-specialised consultations available for all patients.
An arrangement has been made with Alfath (الفتح) clinic in Tripoli, but if necessary, this could be changed in the future.
Initially, the service will be delivered from the out patient clinics but hopefully will be expanded to cover other care areas in the future.
A patients database has been made available for this program to confidentially save patient data. Also a Pre-booking system has been arranged. Transportation is available for doctors to and from the clinic site (in the future will be also available from and to the airport) and so will be  the accommodation for those who are not from Tripoli. Also the program will provide Sim cards and if needed, mobile phones of doctors during their stay in Libya.

Although the consultation will be free, the patients may still need to pay for the cost of their investigations (lots of efforts are being made to make it free of charge).
If successful, this program will be expanded to cover other Libyan cities and also could cover other care areas such as in-patient care including surgical intervention.

All Libyan senior doctors inside and outside Libya are invited to take part. The ideal time, perhaps, is when they are already in Tripoli, visiting families, etc.
If you would like to participate, please email us (via Dr. A. Bdiri), he will kindly provide you with contact numbers and answer any queries>
  • For doctors who are taking part in the program.
If you need any help in Libya, please call the program coordinator  0913970987 (خالد).
It is essential to contact Khaled at least three days before the first clinic date, to confirm that you are able to do the clinics. (the program adopts pre booking system. if you will not be able to do the clinics we need to contact people to cancel the clinics in advance).

For help with transportation and accommodation in Libya, please call (محمد) on 0925631995 . If you could not reach (محمد) please call (خالد).

The contact number to help with regards to the availability of medications in Tripoli is 0913752434 (عبد العزيز)

Our team in Libya will provide you with lap tops and explain how to use the straight forward pre-prepared
pro formas. The patient's informations will be pre-filled for you (In arabic language). You need to type the
diagnosis of the patient and if you like, you could kindly outline the management plan in one or two lines (In 
english language). Every patient will be given only one number to help with regards to the follow up process.

We will print out prescriptions, laboratory and radiology request forms dedicated for the program (The 
patients will have the choice to have the investigations done wherever they want and also the request forms 
could be recognised by other investigation units which may choose to offer discounts).
Echo will be made available for use.

  • Feedback

This is an update about The Voluntary Libyan Doctor Programme. It was started on the 4th of October 2011, aiming to provide high quality, free of charge, easily accessible medical care for people in Libya.  
We would like to thank the doctors who have taken part in the programme (in October) and managed to see about 360people in 27 clinics. Please see the Clinic's time tables for November and the provisional time table for December. In addition to December's time table, the following doctors have kindly recently registered and volunteered to do clinics in Dec and Jan (Dr Abubaker Almaryoul, Dr Asaid Zieton, Dr Mustafa Marei, Ali Ajaj, Khaled Khalifa, Khaled Abusgaia and Mahfud Akari)
Services provided for patients: 
Pre booking system (date and time), free of charge consultations, free of charge all laboratory tests (sponsored by TheLibyan Society of clinical laboratories), free of charge X-rays (Sponsored by Alfatah polyclinics), patients data base (Only one number for each patient to help with the follow up process). However, the patients may have to pay for the cost of MRI and CT (Negociations are underway). The priority has been given to people who are living outside Tripoli(eg Benghazi, Misrata, Subrata, Egdames, Zawia etc). 

Libyan people have really appreciated the effort and kindness of Libyan doctors. However, they are expecting more doctors to take part and more specialities to be covered in the future
Services available for doctors: 
Friendly environment, transportation,  accommodation (sponsored by Alqabas Drug Company), lap tops with pre prepared patient data base, pre booking system, flexibility (dates and times of clinics are based on doctor'savailability, support regarding availability of medicines inside Libya, mobile phones etc
The programme is in contact with members of the Tripoli Medical Centre (TMC) committee. What needed now issupport to the TMC in the following areas:
 Emergency medicine (Please contact Dr Hatem Abusreweel), ITU (Please contact Dr Khaled Hanish)
All Libyan doctors are invited to take part in this program

We urge you to take part and help make this project succeed. Thank you and may Allah guide us all to help our beloved country.

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