Education/ Training

  •  Sharing of experience
As part of the program, the door is open for all Libyan doctors to attend the clinics in order to share experience and improve quality of care. Short or long term management plans will be outlined in the clinic for every patient and the local doctors may wish to be involved in short or long term follow up. A maximum of two local doctors will be allowed to "sit-in" at any particular clinic. To attend any clinic please contact the education and teaching coordinator, Dr. Mustafa Mohamed via his email or phone number +218 92 529 5809.

  • For Medical Students
We plan to extend the project to include medical students in the near future when facilities are available. This will include practical clinical teaching. We would like especially to concentrate on emergency medicine teaching.

We are open to suggestions, if you have any ideas please let us know via our website email, please see the "contact us" tab. You can also leave a comment on this website.